New Available Options

Published: 07/10/2016
Some brand new purchasable options for our DVB Monitors!

We are glad to announce that we are releasing two new purchasable add-on software upgrades for our monitors - "DOCSIS Monitoring" for the DVB Monitor A/C/T and "Service Bitrate Alarms" for all our DVB Monitors.

The DOCSIS option basically allows RF measurements to be taken for DOCSIS channels. Measured values for DOCSIS channels are – Level, CNR, MER, BER and TS rate.

The Service Bitrate Alarms add several new alarm thresholds to the alarms menu, which are used for monitoring of the audio and video bitrates of the channels, but it is required that your device already has the Advanced MPEG Monitoring option installed, in order to also purchase the Service Bitrate Alarms. You can set the alarm thresholds for audio LOW and audio HIGH bitrates, as well as video LOW and video HIGH bitrates. It is also important to note that, if there are multiple audio or video PIDs, the device checks the bit rate of each PID with the set thresholds.