Please note: If you have made a purchase from us, we have required you to read these conditions and tick a box confirming your acceptance. If you wish to disagree with these terms and conditions after your purchase, we are unlikely to change or relax the terms or conditions to suit your circumstances. Please read these terms and conditions carefully. If you do not agree with them, please do not purchase from us.

Have a question? Check our FAQ for answers! We try to answer there the most common questions, but if you need more specific information, please contact us here : info at kvarta dot net.

Have a technical question for Tech Support? Easiest way to get in touch is by sending e-mail to support at kvarta dot net.


All orders should be placed through our website

There are no minimum orders.

Please Note: It may not be possible to cancel your order once it has been placed. To avoid any trouble, please make sure you want everything in your cart before clicking 'Submit Order'.


All prices on our web are in EURO currency.

All price discounts are generated automatically at the time when you enter your order depending on the client, we do not offer any other discounts than these on our website.

European VAT Registration and Exemption

If you're a Non-Bulgarian VAT registered business based within the EU economic area you can avoid paying VAT on your purchase with us by taking the following steps:

1. Enter your VALID VAT-ID when you place your order (the VAT-ID field is valid only when you select country within EU economic area, if you are outside EU just input 0 in the field).

2. DO NOT place your order until you see the VAT at checkout go to zero.

Requests to refund VAT on purchases made where there is a valid VAT number, but where the VAT-ID was not entered at the time of the purchase and the order is paid and shipped with invoice including VAT, will incur a 30 EURO admin fee to action the refund.

Please be very careful when you enter your VAT-ID, we recommend you to check if it is valid VAT-ID first at VIAS WEB site as when you enter your order we do not do real time check due to the permanent problems with VIES servers they quite often timeout or are down. We check these VAT-IDs before shipping though, so entering incorrect VAT-ID will lead to significant delay in your order processing and it may be hold for several days until we collect the not paid VAT 20%, so our advice is to enter only VAT-IDs which first you check on above web site and it confirms them. Some countries like Spain and Italy have "internal" VAT-IDs which are not updated to VIES VAT-ID server, if you have such VAT-ID please do not enter it as it is not valid VAT-ID for EU VAT free purchase.


All orders with us have to be pre-paid. We do not offer any other terms.

PAYPAL: PayPal is fast, easy and efficient and allows people who have PayPal accounts to transfer money easily to us. Opening a new account is free. You can pay with your card via paypal also. There is limit a of 2000 EURO for payment by PayPal. Note that your payment should be sent in EURO currency, payments sent in other currency than EURO will be refunded back and the order canceled. Also please note that the address you fill in your order and the paypal address should match. If paypal and order addresses do not match your order will be put on hold and not processed.

BANK TRANSFER : You may transfer payment from your bank outside of Bulgaria to our bank. All charges, made by your bank and our bank must be paid by you. Please chose the 'Bank T/T' option at checkout, and you will be sent an e-mail with IBAN and SWIFT account details. Please use your order number as a reference for your payment, or we may not be able to identify your funds and process your order. Orders where payment has not been received 15 working days after the order was placed will be cancelled. Please note that bank transfers usually take a few business days to move the money from one account to other. We will not ship your order until your payment is verified by our bank. A record of the transaction from your bank is not sufficient to release an order.

CASH ON DELIVERY: This option is available for orders from Bulgaria only. It can be used from individuals. Companies must use different payment method.


We will ship your order in 5 working days after the payment receipt. All orders are shipped on first come first serve basis. For us all orders are equal urgent and we do not prioritize orders.

Usually 90% of the orders which are paid before 10:00 AM Bulgarian local time are shipped the same day and these with payment received after 10:00 AM are shipped the day after we receive the payment, but we say we ship in 5 working days as sometimes there are many orders to process and this require additional time, so please always consider that your order will be shipped in 5 working days, if we ship faster we are sure you will not complain :)

Broken Items during shipment

Note: claims for broken items can be made only if your shipment was insured. When you have shipment with insurance, please always check the shipment content in the presence of the courier when you receive it. If there are broken items, make official claim. If you do not make claim and you find items broken later when the courier is not present the courier company may decide that you broke the item after the delivery and not accept the claim. We will need this claim reference to deal with insurer.

Incorrect addresses

Orders which have incorrectly filled addresses usually get non-delivered and return back to us. In case of post shipments there are no additional fees for the returns, when parcel returns we just refund the cost of the boards without the shipping charge.

The courier companies are more flexible but if for some reason the customer didn't provide correct phone or address and is unreachable there are two options - the parcel is to be destroyed or returned back. Note that shipping back charges are ALWAYS several times higher than the special shipping charge we have from the couriers and it may be up to 5 times more expensive.

Shipping options

NOTE: Kvarta cannot be held responsible for damaged, lost, or stolen packages for non insured parcels.

DHL: This is a good price and very fast service. Our own monitoring show that all parcels we ship with DHL usually are delivered in average 1.5 days, this means a large portion of the shipments are delivered the next day. By default this is a non-insured service, online tracking is available at DHL do not deliver to post boxes.

TNT EXPRESS: This is a good price and fast service for most of the Europe destinations, but not as fast as DHL for other parts of the world. By default this is a non-insured service, online tracking is available at The parcel usually needs 1-3 days to arrive to you. TNT do not deliver to post boxes.

DPD CLASSIC: This is a Road service very suitable for shipments with higher weight, usually arrives in any European destination for 1 week. All parcels shipped by DPD have automatic Limited insurance for up to 520 EUR per parcel, with online tracking at DPD do not deliver to post boxes.

PLEASE NOTE: all transit times above are just based on past experience the courier companies from time to time may deliver for more than the quoted above time. We will not refund your shipping charges if any of the above transport companies fail to meet above quoted delivery times.

Imports and duties

Any duties and taxes for international shipments are the responsibility of the customer.

Kvarta Soft Ltd is not responsible for any extra charges once the original package has been shipped.

If the customer refuses to pay these extra import charges, the return shipping and any additional fees will be taken out of the cost of the order, with any remaining funds being refunded to the customer.

Please consult with your local import customs authorities about the import duties and taxes you have to pay before ordering.

Note that as written above the courier shipment returns might be several times higher than the special price we have for shipment from Bulgaria, so in some cases the shipping back charge may be higher than the order content. In such a situation if the customer refuses to accept the parcel and pay the import duties the parcel will be destroyed by the courier of the shipment at the destination and not deliver it back and no refund will be made to the customer.


All goods we sell are new, factory fresh and tested before they enter our stock. Only very rarely does an item not function at first use. If this happens, we will do our very best to replace it as long as the below conditions for return are met.
Please check your order as soon as you receive it. Any goods to be replaced must be returned within 7 days.

The warranty covers manufacturing defects and faulty components, please note that warranty do not cover problems due to improper use, over voltage abuse, ESD shock, improper handling etc.


All goods are checked before they are sent out. In the unlikely event that goods are faulty, they must be returned, to Kvarta at the address listed on your order invoice.

Kvarta will not accept goods that have clearly been used more than the amount needed to evaluate their functionality.

If the goods are found to be in working condition, and the lack of functionality is a result of lack of knowledge on the customers part, no refund will be made, but the goods will be returned to the user at their expense.

All returns must be authorized by an RMA Number. Email for authorization number before shipping back any merchandise. Please include your name, phone number and order number in your email request.

Returns for any unaffected development board, programmer, tools, and cables permitted within 7 days from the date of receipt of merchandise. After such time, all sales are considered final.

All returned merchandise must be in its original mint and clean condition. Returns on damaged, scratched or non-working merchandise will not be accepted.

All returns must include all the factory accessories which come with the item. This includes any cables, anti-static packing, boxes, etc.

With your return, enclose your PO#. Also include a brief letter of explanation of why the merchandise is being returned and state your request for either a refund or an exchange. Include the authorization number on this letter, and on the outside of the shipping box.

Please note : It is your responsibility to ensure that returned goods reach us. Please use a reliable form of shipping. If we do not receive your package we will not be held liable.

Shipping and handling charges are not refundable. We are not responsible for any shipping charges of merchandise being returned to us or returning working items to you.


Official Bulgarian holidays, in which Kvarta will be closed for the following days. No orders will ship these days, but you can still place an order through the website as usual.

Liberation Day - 3rd of March.

Easter - 14th to 17th of April.

Labour Day - 1st of May.

St. Georges Day - 8th of May.

Culture & Literacy Day - 24th of May.

Summer Break (Kvarta) - from 5th to 18th of August.

Unification Day - 6th of September.

Independence Day - 22th of September.

Christmas & New Year - from 24/12 to 01/01.

Web content change

Kvarta Soft Ltd shall have the right in its absolute discretion at any time and without notice to amend, remove or vary any of the content supplied in connection with the Service or which appears on any page of the Kvarta Soft Ltd Web site.