Link margin added to the DVB-S/S2 measurements on DVB Stream Monitor devices

Published: 17/10/2023
We are glad to announce small addition to the measurement parameters of the DVB-S/S2 measurements on the DVB Stream Monitor.

In a wireless communication system, the link margin (LM), measured in dB, is the difference between the minimum expected CNR received at the receiver's end, and the receiver's sensitivity (i.e., the received CNR at which the receiver will stop working). A 15 dB link margin means that the system could tolerate an additional 15 dB of attenuation between the transmitter and the receiver, and it would still just work. 

When the LINK MARGIN is 0 dB, we are in the limit of the correction. The services can be displayed, although occasionally can be seen some artifact, but only a slight signal degradation can cause the drop through the cliff. The system will stop to work immediately.