TV Stream Monitoring probe

Published: 09/05/2017
A brand new IPTV Monitor, is capable of monitoring more than 200 TV services in real time!

Kvarta Soft is proud to announce, the coming arrival of the newest edition, to our already effective and well established series of DVB Monitors - the "TV Stream Monitor".
"But what makes this new unit stand out from the rest?" you ask.
The main difference is, that this is not a DVB-oriented monitor, it's actually for IPTV.
Sporting two Ethernet ports(one 1Gbit stream port, and one for management), with capabilities to monitor UDP/RTP(unicast/multicast) mpeg TS streams, in both SPTS and MPTS modes, makes the TV Stream Monitor an excellent choice for monitoring all TV sources.
It is able to decode all MPEG tables - PAT, PMT, CAT, SDT, NIT, EIT, TDT, among others, and also measure parameters like: Stream delay, RTP errors, CC errors and Bitrate alarms.
And, of course, all these measurements will be stored in extensive Log files and displayed in web charts.
Like the rest of our Monitors, the TV Stream Monitor will be upgradeable with options like the Advanced MPEG Monitoring(adding TR 101 290 standard alarms) and Alarm Profiles, in order to secure better monitoring results.
We strongly believe, that the addition of the TV Stream Monitor will be a large asset - to both our existing clients, as well as our future ones. We will soon add it to our online webstore, so please, look forward to it!
Expect the TV Stream Monitor to make an appearance with us in ANGA COM this year!